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How much commission do I get when I refer to others?

Does Centralex have a referral system?

The answer is "Yes" 

Why should I use your referral system?

Referring to your friends and family can help to gain passive income. We at Centralex having a desirable ongoing two-tier referral system that allows you to earn passive income. 

How does the Centralex referral system work?

Users will earn a 25% share of the Trading fees collected from L1 referrals and 5% of the Trading fees collected from their L2 referrals for the Basic Referral system. The rewards are shared as centralex coins, an equivalent fee earned.

For the VIP Referral system, A VIP user will earn up to 35% of the fees collected by L1 VIP referrals and 10% of the fees collected from their L2 VIP referrals if they hold more than $7500 in the equivalent of CenX tokens. 

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