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How does the Centralex referral system work?

At Centralex, there are two types of referral systems primary referral and VIP referral.

Basic Referral: 

The basic Referral system applies to referrer’s holding less than $7500 in the equivalent CenX tokens. Users will earn up to 25% share of the fees collected from L1 referrals and 5% from their L2 referrals.

VIP Referral:

VIP Referral system applies to users who hold more than USD 7500 in CenX tokens.

 A VIP user will earn up to 35% of the fees collected by L1 VIP referrals and 10% of the fees collected from their L2 VIP referrals if they hold more than $7500 in the equivalent of CenX tokens.

The Referral Bonus is deducted from the trading fees and is sent to the referrer’s balance. Bonuses are paid instantly on completion of each trade. Instant bonuses and the two-tier Referral Bonus systems are two exciting features of Centralex and are sure to attract a regular stream of new users to the platform.

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